Sombor has received €250,000 for CBC

“Sombor has received €250,000 out of €840,000, allocated for the Hungary-Serbia CBC projects and financed by the European Agency for Reconstruction”, said Igor Bajić, Advisor for EU Integration of the Office for European Affairs of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Sombor today. “Sombor has received 30 percent out of the total funds allocated for Vojvodina and the city of Belgrade, which proves that Sombor is a successful environment”, said Bajić while talking to the representatives of Sombor municipality. Sombor municipality has been approved four projects worth €250,000 this year. The largest amount, about €84,000, has been allocated for the project of Sombor municipality, “Hungarian-Serbian Waste Management Cross-border Programme”. The Faculty of Education, Secondary School of Economics and Secondary Technical School have each received approximately €55,000 for projects which are to be realized with related institutions in neighbouring Baja.