Social integration through parasport – Parainspired!

Social integration through parasport – Parainspired!

Source of funding Crossborder Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020 
Project partners
  1. Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth, Serbia
  2. Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Hercegovina
  3. European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia
  4. Municipality of Inđija, Serbia
Area of intervention Sports
Project start 31. Dec 2018 – 30. Sep 2020
Project description Main objectives:

To support social integration by fostering sustainable sport exchanges in order to increase participation of people with physical disabilities in sports in the border region.

Specific objectives:

  1. Creating preconditions for sport development aimed at people with physical disabilities through procurement of sports equipment and increase of professional competences and institutional capacities;
  2. Promoting parasports on disability-specific sport events.


Expected results:

  1. Sports equipment needed for the training process of physically disabled athletes procured;
  2. Sport professionals trained for work with physically disabled athletes;
  3. Sport assistants assigned to local sport associations in order to support development of sport opportunities for the physically disabled;
  4. Two symposiums organized on the subject of physically disabled people in sports;
  5. Two exhibition matches organized for promotion of parasports.


Main activities:

  1. Procurement of sports equipment for local sports organizations working with physically disabled athletes
  2. Procurement of transport vehicle for disabled persons
  3. Organization of workshops for sport professionals
  4. Promotional training with disabled athletes
  5. Research on participation of people with physical disabilities in sports in the border region
  6. Development of teaching material
  7. Assignment of 4 sport assistants to local sport associations
  8. Starting of Initiative for the organised sport engagement of people with disabilities in programme area.
  9. Organization of symposium
  10. Organization of  exhibition matches


Target groups:

Sport professionals, sport academic community, students studying sport, representatives of LGUs, professional Paralympic athletes, people with various levels of physical disability able to actively participate in sports either professionally of recreationally.

Further information

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