Serbia joined the MEDIA sub-programme of the Creative Europe programme

The Republic of Serbia has joined the MEDIA sub-programme in the framework of the Creative Europe programme, thus opening opportunities for enhanced development of the entire domestic audiovisual and multimedia sector and successful positioning of organizations and individuals from Serbia on the international scene.

As the first country outside the European Union to join the Culture sub-programme, in this way, Serbia completed its participation in the Creative Europe programme and gained access to a fund of EUR 1.46 billion in total.

With a budget exceeding EUR 800 million, the MEDIA sub-programme will support film and television production, expansion of cinema networks, quality of film festivals, development of video games and professional development of individuals.

The participation in the MEDIA sub-programme will also have impact on the development of new professions, employment growth in the field of culture and improvement of communication with new audiences.

The MEDIA sub-programme is one of the most important European funds supporting the production, distribution and promotion of films and documentaries, television dramas and the new media.

The objective of the MEDIA sub-programme is to develop a common European market and enhance the competitiveness of European culture in the world market. As a part of this sub-programme, Serbian artists will be able to promote and position their works of art in the world.

By establishing links between the production and distribution sectors, the Creative Europe programme facilitates access to new markets, exchanges, visibility of art works and improvement of their circulation.

According to the data of Desk Creative Europe Serbia, a large number of organizations and individuals from European countries are interested in Serbia’s participation in the MEDIA sub-programme.

Given the positive experience in participating in the Culture sub-programme, it is expected that Serbia’s participation in the Media sub-programme will provide substantial financial funds to local artists and access to new markets and audiences.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Information