Expert lectures within the Agrinno project

In the framework of the “Agriculture innovation towards growth and employment in cross-border region – AGRINNO” project lectures has been held recently in secondary agricultural schools in Futog, Vršac and Ruma, which are somewhat final beneficiaries of the project.
The lectures were held by the representatives of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops on the topic “Biodiversity of the land – harmful and useful insects” and “Vegetable assortment of the Institute for Field and Vegetable Crops with results of cultivation in the field and in a protected area”. The lectures were most interactive: pupils of all agricultural schools showed their knowledge and interest in the topics they had heard of.
The expert lectures are continuing and they are planned to finish at the end of April. In addition to the secondary school hosts and Institute’s representatives, the representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina also attended the lectures.
One of the follwing activities of the Agrinno project is the installaiton of greenhouses in each agricultural school, and in this way, the knowledge acquired in the expect lectures will be applied.
After the lectures, the secondary agricultural school representatives showed their economic farm to the members of the Agrinno project team.