Umbria and Vojvodina together for EU funds

Perugia, Italy, 18 April –The representatives of the Office for European Affairs are in visit to Perugia, at the invitation of the Italian region of Umbria. A topic of the meeting is the design of joint projects, which would be submitted to apply for EU funds. ”Cooperation between Vojvodina and Umbria has already yielded good results in different areas. Recall last year’s successful event Umbria Jazz, one of the most famous international festivals of jazz music, and a large number of meetings of businesspeople. During our visit to Perugia, we have presented some of the projects by means of which we wish to strengthen cooperation with this region. I will mention a few initiatives proposed by the following: the Provincial Secretariat of Energy and Mineral Resources, with reference to the use of geotermal resources of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and geodiversity of Fruška Gora; the Provincial Secretariat of Sports and Youth, for strengthening the position of young people and youth policy within local self-governments on the territory of Vojvodina, enhancing positive organisation of young people, improving the conditions for doing physical exercises, bringing sports closer to young people, etc; the Teachers’ Association of Novi Sad, for the improvement of school and extracurricular activities in elementary schools and of the position of teachers; SOS ”Dečije Selo”(Children’s Village), for conducting workshops with therapeutic effects; Bečej Municipality, for the protection of nature reserves; the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, for the restoration of religious edifices in Vojvodina; Fruška Gora National Park, with a lot of projects related to the improvement of business conditions; the Provincial Secretariat of Environmental Protection and Yugoslav Association for Water Law”, said Ivana Djurica, Office for European Affairs.