Successfully held seminar “Creative Europe: Preparation of projects in the new budget period 2021-2027”

At the recent seminar “Creative Europe: Preparing projects in the new budget period 2021-2027”, which took place from 22 to 24 November, we had the honor of working with 15 representatives of cultural organizations from Serbia who are planning to apply for European cooperation projects of small and medium scale under the Creative Europe programme.

Three days were more than enough to clarify topics such as the project management cycle and project logic, as well as to elaborate and define together with the representatives of the organizations the activities within their project proposals.
The workshops and lectures were led by local lecturers Milica Rašković and Bojan Milosavljević in front of the Creative Europe Serbia Desk, while the guest lecturer from Italy, Luisella Carnelli, shared her experience during the three-day lectures as well as in the workshops “From Idea to Project” and “Initiating Innovation with Meaning”.

Right at the beginning of the seminar, the participants spoke: Miroslav Ilić, Deputy Provincial Secretary for Culture, Information and Relations with Religious Communities, Jelena Anđelovska, EUIP Manager, in front of the EU Info Point Novi Sad, and Vuk Radulović, Head of the Creative Europe Serbia Desk.

Vuk Radulović, in front of the Creative Europe Desk of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, thanked everyone for attending and said that he thinks this is the right moment to organize this type of seminar, bearing in mind that numerous invitations have recently been opened within the Creative Europe programme.

“There are great opportunities, and we, as Creative Europe Desk, are available to provide all kinds of help, consultations, informal contact to local organizations regarding applying for these funds, bearing in mind that our initial goal is to help you prepare the best possible projects and to we are networking as much as possible by developing international cooperation through innovative projects,” said Radulović.
List of active competitions.

The organizers of the seminar Antenna Culture Desk Creative Europe Serbia at the European Affairs Fund APV and Culture Desk Serbia, in this way, once again showed that support for the cultural sector in Serbia is present and that they are there to provide advice to interested institutions, organizations and individuals education, technical support, to encourage innovative projects and encourage community in order to rehabilitate culture and its development to follow trends, all with the aim of strengthening the capacity of the scene.