On closer cooperation in Apatin and Kula

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina Zoran Pavić and Senka Bengin, together with the representatives of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Nataša Rončević and Tanja Ljubičić have visited the municipality of Apatin and Kula today.

In Apatin Municipality, they had a meeting with Nika Petrović, President of the Municipal Council, and his associates, whereas in Kula Municipality, with Jelena Pavkov and Strahinja Paravina, assistants to the President of the Municipality, with their associates.

During the meetings, a more comprehensive direct cooperation between the representatives of local self-government and the Fund was agreed regarding EU funding opportunities by providing assistance in the selection and development of EU projects, as well as future training courses by the Fund’s employees aimed at all those interested from the municipality.

The representatives of Apatin Municipality are active in writing and implementing EU projects. At the moment, the Danube Transitional Programme is being implemented, in which in addition to Apatin Municipality, the participating partners are Slovenia, Austrian and Hungary, whereas the representatives of Kula Municipality are implementing a project related to culture and tradition under the Interreg IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia. Moreover, they have submitted a project idea with Hungarian partners on traditional cuisine, which involves equipping the Catering Department of the Secondary School of Economics in Kula.

During the meetings, the discussion also touched upon the prospects for cooperation between the representatives of the local self-government and the Vojvodina Development Agency through the use of subsidies, as well as through the drafting of development of documents that directly concerning the public local self-government.