The kick off of the “2020 Troubadours” culture project in Brussels

The implementation of the “2020 Troubadours“ project under Creative Europe officially started on 28th February 2019 with the performances held at the Centre for World Music in the Belgian city of Tournai and press conference held in Brussels. Etnofest Association of Palić is idea generator and one of the project partners, and the City of Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture in 2021, is an associated partner. The Vojvodina European Office in Brussels has been participating in the preparation and realisation of cultural events for years, and so is the case this time as well. This project is being implemented by four cultural operators: Via Lactea (Belgium), Flonflons (France), Etnofest (Serbia) and Mediawave (Hungary), together with two associated organisations.
Within the Balassi Institute, Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels, the activities to be implemented in from May 2019 to December 2020 were presented to the audience, who also had an opportunity to enjoy several performances. Most attractive was the announcement for “The Train Troubadour“ that was to travel from Brussels to Lille in France in mid-May spreading the sounds of various music styles, among whom the performers from Vojvodina, i.e. Serbia would present themselves to the audience.