Marking Europe Day a debate held at the Assembly of Vojvodina

Marking 9th May, Europe Day, a debate dedicated to the future of Europe has been today at the provincial parliament, which has been organized by the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and the Office of the EU Info Point Novi Sad.

The prospects of the European Union, the situation, problems and opportunities of young people were among the topics discussed by the representatives of the Youth Regional Network from eleven European regions, who paid a several-day visit to Novi Sad and Vojvodina, which has been organized by the Provincial Assembly.

One of the conclusions of today’s meeting is that young people, regardless of which European country the come from mainly have the same needs, problems and expectations. This is primarily related to access to education, employment and active participation of the youth in public policy and decision making process.

During the debate, the participants watched a short film by journalism students from the Novi Sad Faculty of Philosophy, which is about five possible scenarios regarding the development of the future of the European Union. They exchanged views on current issues and debates conducted within the framework of the Union, as well as the prospects of the Western Balkans.

On behalf of the host, the debate was attended by Vice-President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina Aleksandra Đanković.

During four days, around fifty representatives of Youth Regional Network, among whom were young politicians, members of regional-level youth parliaments, youth organizations and councils, organized by the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, visited Novi Sad and Vojvodina.

With the support of the representatives of the provincial and city authorities, young people from European regions discussed the problems and challenges of youth leadership and regional policy. They held the regular General Assembly of the Youth Regional Network and had several working meetings.

They exchanged experiences, presented examples of good practice from the region they came from and were actively engaged in connecting young people from different regions. One of the goals was the promotion of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad, in the light of the future European capitals of culture and youth.

The Youth Regional Network is a part of the largest association of regions in Europe, the Assembly of European Regions (AER) and brings together young politicians and activists from all over Europe to work together on important issues, networking and exchange of experiences among young people.