Seminar “Creative Europe – Project Preparation” held in Tršić

The goal of the seminar “Creative Europe – Project Preparation” was to increase the quality and project preparation to apply under Creative Europe, to raise the programme and organisational capacities of institutions and organisations from Serbia, as well as to contribute to demetropolisation in culture. Moreover, the seminar was organised in order to enhance communication, cooperation and exchange of experience among representatives of cultural institutions and organisations from the cities and municipalities of Serbia. The topics presented at the seminar were: contemporary practices and concepts in international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage and contemporary art; international project management; European cultural policy and programme priorities of Creative Europe, calls for proposals and project application submission, project financial management. In addition to the representatives of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia and the Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia, the lecturers at the seminar were Nela Tonković, Head of National Museum of Šabac, and Marina Matović, Expert Associate for the Administration of International Projects at the Centre for the Promotion of Science. Dragana Srećkov of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, who is also the project manager of the Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia, spoke about the programme application procedures.