European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and the International Finance Corporation for Central and Southeast Europe – opportunities to support local governments

Ari Naim, Regional Director of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for Central and Southeast Europe and his associates paid a working visit to the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina. Mapping the state and potential of 45 Vojvodina cities and municipalities implemented by the Fund is in line with the program activities of support to local self-government units by IFC in the coming period, which opens space for cooperation and joint action. During the previous period, representatives of the Fund visited local self-governments in Vojvodina with the aim of mapping the current state, with the idea of analyzing the potential of cities and municipalities, in order to connect them with adequate sources of funding, from grants through technical support lines to credit lines.

During the meeting, projects in the field of green agenda, from waste and wastewater management to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, were discussed. Both sides agreed that there is room for some of the priorities set by the Fund, obtained through the mapping process, to be provided with the IFC support for their implementation, in the period ahead. After the meeting in the Fund, the representatives of IFC, accompanied by the Fund, visited the Biosense Institute, where they had the opportunity to discuss the framework of cooperation between the two institutions in the field of digital agriculture.