European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina in Lombardia

A meeting of the team members of the European Union’s INTERREG IVC Programme – Project Waterways Forward has been held in the Italian regions of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna, which has been organized by the Italian partners. To serve as a reminder, the project includes regions from the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Italy and Spain. Our country is represented by Vojvodina. The project is worth about €3 million and it will be implemented in the next three-year’s time.

Thus, our province has been given a strategic position in the next EU Programming period 2014-2020, when accent will be on territorial fund allocation on the basis of waterways. A chance for us in the future is to apply for EU grants which will be available for development programmes and regional cooperation of countries of the Danube River Basin. This project phase includes the presentation of regional analysis of inland potential of all partner regions, with a view of further water and transport management. Dražen Lovrić, Project Coordinator for Vojvodina, has given an overview of Vojvodina’s and European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina’s recent participation in similar projects and initiatives, presenting the results our province has achieved through European cooperation in the past years. The next meeting, which is to take place at the beginning of next year, the platform which will be an instrument for more efficient implementation of development projects within the Strategy for the Danube Region is expecded to be defined.