European Affairs Fund APV supported the European Village event in Zrenjanin

On the Freedom square in Zrenjanin, the traditional event “European Village” was held, the tenth in a row, which again this year brought together 28 elementary schools from the territory of the municipality of Zrenjanin, with the presence of numerous participants, officials and visitors, with the aim of getting to know the member states of the European Union better, their specificities, tradition and culture, with the motto of the EU – united in diversity.
On this occasion, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Simo Salapura, hosted a number of important diplomats, representatives of EU embassies (Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Germany), EU Delegations, ministries and secretariats in the City Hall, and then on the main square and solemnly opened the jubilee event by addressing the visitors, which was followed by an appropriate cultural and artistic program on stage and a tour of the stands. In front of the Fund, this year’s reception in the hall of the City Council was attended by the director of the Fund, Ognjen Dopuđ, and the assistant director for European cooperation, Kristina Bašić, and then, together with the mayor and numerous officials, they accompanied the event to the Square.
The Fund European Affairs APV supported the implementation of the “European Village” again, this time by providing various symbolic gifts for the visitors of the event in the form of promotional material from numerous EU projects implemented by the Fund in the previous period.