Head of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels at the New Year’s Reception of the Minister President of Flanders

On Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, Srđan Mačkić, Head of the Vojvodina European Office attended the New Year’s reception, which was organized for the members of the diplomatic core by Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of Flanders.

This traditional reception is an annual event and an opportunity to meet a number of diplomatic and regional representatives in Brussels. The Head of the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels met with its partners, such as representatives of Lombardy, Upper Austria, and others.

It was also an opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the Government of Flanders the enhancement of cooperation in different areas, as well as raising the relations between the two regions to a higher political level, which would involve visits at the highest level in the future.

Flanders, one of the two Belgian federal regions, is one of the leading European regions in terms of economic power, especially in the field of international trade. The universities of this region are also leading in the field of knowledge and innovation. On the whole, it can be an asset to the potential exchange between Flanders and Vojvodina in the following period.