Public Call for Proposals for European Networks under the Creative Europe

A public call for proposals is open for European networks. The deadline for the submission of project proposals is 25 November 2016 until 12:00 p.m.

The call is open for the second time under the Creative Europe and is aimed at support to networks in the development of following projects:

– Activities providing employees in the cultural sector and creative industries with specific skills and experiences, including skills related to digital technologies;

– Activities providing incentives to employees in cultural organizations and creative industries to participate in international cooperation projects and to develop their careers in Europe and beyond. In addition, significant projects are the ones focusing on the development of innovative approach to attract audience, as well as new business and management models;

– Activities ensuring the strengthening of sector organizations in culture and creative industries, as well as networking whose aim is to create new business opportunities.

Guidelines for applicants, all requirements and documentation can be found here.

Desk Creative Europe Serbia and Antenna of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia are at your disposal for assistance in applying.