Public invitation to participate in the three-day seminar “Creative Europe: Preparation of Projects in the New Budget Period 2021-2027”

Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia is organizing a three-day seminar “Creative Europe: Preparation of Projects in the New Budget Period 2021-2027” from 22nd  to 24th November 2023. in Vrdnik, at the Fruške terme hotel, starting at 10 AM

The invitation is sent to all institutions and organizations in culture, as well as film festivals from Serbia which plan to apply within the Creative Europe Program and which have already participated in international cooperation projects. Preference will be given to those who plan to apply within the current call for European Cooperation Projects of Small and Medium Scale. Knowledge of the English language is mandatory considering that the projects are written in English and that one of the lecturers at the seminar will be from Italy.
Seminar participants will be able to:
• understand the project management cycle,
• understand and use the basic terms of the project language,
• understand and apply project logic,
• elaborate and clearly define their project activities within their project proposals.

The aim of the seminar:
The aim of the seminar is to raise the quality and preparation of projects for applying to the Creative Europe Program, to raise the programmatic and organizational capacities of cultural institutions and organizations from Serbia, as well as to contribute to demetropolization in the field of culture and audiovisual activities. Also, the seminar is organized to promote communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences of representatives of institutions and organizations from different parts of Serbia.

Conditions of public invitation:
• The number of places is limited;
• Up to one person from one institution/organization can apply to participate in the seminar;
• The organizer covers the costs of accommodation and food, not including alcoholic beverages, and the participants of the seminar provide their own travel expenses, i.e. transportation to the venue of the seminar, as well as drinks during the meal.

Criteria for the selection of participants:
The basic criteria for the selection of seminar participants are the quality of project proposals and potential partnerships. The quality of project proposals is measured in relation to compliance with the themes and priorities of the Creative Europe Program, the innovativeness of the project idea and the professional foundation of the concept.

Submitting an application:
You can apply for participation by filling out a short form and sending it to the following email address

Deadline for submitting applications:
The deadline for sending applications is 8th November 2023. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.