Announcement of the Second Call for Project Proposals within the Program for the Danube Region

The Interreg VI-B) Program for the Danube Region will publish the Second 
Public Call for Project Proposals on October 2, 2023. 
The deadline for submitting project proposals will be open until February 29, 2024.
The program will support projects focused on program priorities 1, 2 and 3, 
as well as on specific objective 4.2, namely:

• Priority 1 – Smarter Danube region
• Priority 2 – A greener Danube region with low carbon emissions
• Priority 3 – Socially oriented Danube region
• Priority 4 – Better management of cooperation in the Danube region:
o specific objective 4.2 – Strengthening of institutional capacities f
or territorial and macro-regional management

The program for the Danube Region promotes economic, social and territorial 
cohesion in the Danube Region through the integration of policies in selected 
areas of action. The program provides financial support to those projects 
of transnational cooperation that contribute to the development 
of a more innovative, sustainable and more socially oriented Danube region.
The program area includes the territory of 14 countries that make 
up the macro-region, of which 9 are EU members: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, 
the Czech Republic, Germany (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria), Hungary, 
Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, and 5 non-member countries. 
EU: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova and 
Ukraine (Chernivet Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Zakarpattia Oblast, Odesa Oblast).
This call for proposals will be conducted in a single step and will require the 
proposers to prepare and submit a complete application form online through the 
Joint Electronic Monitoring System - JEMS.
The program will allocate up to 55,051,854.53 euros for financing projects 
within the Second Call. The maximum EU contribution to project budgets is 80% 
of the total project budget.
Each project, whose implementation is limited to a maximum of 36 
months and whose implementation is expected to begin in January 2025, 
must include at least three financial partners from three different countries 
of the program area: a lead partner and at least two project partners. 
Partners from RS can also be the leading partner in the project.
The application package and all relevant information about the call will 
be available from October 2 on the program website:
You can also download the Second Call announcement with more details 
from the program page:
The Ministry of European Integration will organize an Info Day in Belgrade on the
 occasion of the announcement of the Second Public Call for Project Proposals within 
the Danube Region Program. Information about the date, time and address of the Info Day 
will be published later.

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