A public call for grants to small businesses has been published

The Ministry of Economy of Serbia has announced a public call for the allocation of grants in the amount of about 1.4 billion dinars as part of the Small Business Support Program for the purchase of equipment in 2023.
The invitation was issued in cooperation with the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) and with the support of the project "Serbia and the EU - Equipment for the Economy" financed by the European Union, and implemented with selected commercial banks and leasing companies.
As stated in the Public Call published on the website of the Ministry of Economy, the goal of this program is to support investments and encourage faster economic development.
Certain funds are intended for co-financing the acquisition of new equipment directly involved in the process of production of exchangeable goods, namely production equipment, transport and manipulative means involved in the process of production and internal transport, parts of specialized tools for machines, as well as machines and equipment for improving energy efficiency and ecological aspects of production.
The invitation states that the funds can also be used for co-financing new equipment for the execution of construction works, namely construction machinery for the needs of construction works.
Entrepreneurs as well as legal entities registered in the Agency for Business Registers (APR) as companies or cooperatives, which are classified into micro and small legal entities in accordance with the Law on Accounting according to financial statements, have the right to apply for the competition for the award of these grants. for 2021
Business entities that meet the requirements are entitled to co-financing up to 25 percent of the net value of the equipment being purchased.
The invitation also states that the amount of grants that can be awarded to a business entity is determined in relation to the number of permanent employees on December 31, 2022, according to the records of the Central Register of Mandatory Social Insurance.
Up to one million dinars can be awarded for one employee, up to 2.5 million dinars for two to five employees, and up to five million dinars for six or more employees.
The public call is open until the available funds are used up, and no later than December 31 of this year.
Applications for the allocation of grants, together with other documentation and requests for credit or financial leasing, are submitted or delivered electronically to commercial banks and leasing companies that participate in the implementation of this program.
The public call for the allocation of grants within the Small Business Support Program for the purchase of equipment in 2023 with accompanying documentation and all relevant information can be downloaded at