A training “Possibility of financing through EU funds” in the Archive of Vojvodina was held

For the members of the Center for International Public Policy, a three-day training was organized, from 3rd-5th August, “Possibility of financing through EU funds” on the premises of the Archive of Vojvodina.

Representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Tamara Glišić Krivošija and Sanja Čuturilov Veselinović, presented to the participants the programs of the European Union, as well as the Instrument for pre-accession assistance, with an emphasis on INTERREG IPA cross-border cooperation programs. The topics of the training were: writing a project proposal using a logical framework and logical matrix approach, first through theory, and then through exercises, within which general and specific goals, activities, and results, as well as indicators, sources of verification, and project risks, were defined.

On the last day of the training, the participants learned about project budgeting, which they practically mastered through a series of examples.