Waterways Forward

Source of funding ЕU programme INTERREG IV C
Project partners
  1. The Dutch Recreational Waterways Foundation, The Netherlands
  2. South Tipperary County Council, Ireland
  3. Waterways Ireland, Ireland
  4. British Waterways, Great Britain
  5. Association Regio Water, The Netherlands
  6. Telemark County Council, Norway
  7. County Administrative Board of Värmland, Sweden
  8. Savonlinna Region Federation of Municipalities, Finland
  9. Central Directorate for Water and Environment, Hungary
  10. Province of Ferrara, Italy
  11. Navigli Lombardi s.c.a.r.l., Italy
  12. French Waterways, France
  13. Association of Riverside Towns of the Castille Channel, Spain
  14. PWMC “Vode Vojvodine” Novi Sad, Serbia
  15. European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia
  16. Vidzeme Planning Region, Litvania
  17. Local Government of Brzeg, Poland
  18. Local Government of Dunaújváros, Hungary
Area of intervention Water management
Project start 01. Feb 2010 – 31. Dec 2012
Project description Overall objective:

To promote integrated and sustainable development of regional inland waterways through administrative capacity building, exchange of experience and enhancement of local economic development of the region where the waterways pass through.

Specific objectives:

(1) Networking of economic stakeholders and institutions while protecting the environment;

(2) Promotion of tourism through more efficient waterways management;

(3) Modernization of waterways passing through protected natural goods and national parks by pollution reduction and drinking water management;

(4) Multifunctional use of waterways considering that climate changes are one of the factors affecting waterways.

Expected results:

Integration of regional strategy and action plans to be created by sharing and transferring best practice to support the on-going development of multi-functional use of Europe’s inland waterways – with the overall aim to improve the quality of life of European citizens.

Target groups: Representatives of relevant institutions responsible for water management in partner countries involved in the project, administration and local self-governments in charge of environmental protection.

Further information http://www.waterways-forward.eu/
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