Completed selection of participants for the three-day seminar “Creative Europe: Project Preparation in the New Budgetary Period 2021-2027”

On October 25, 2023, the public call for participation in the three-day seminar “Creative Europe: Project Preparation in the New Budgetary Period 2021-2027” was published on the website of the European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The deadline for submitting applications was set for November 13, by 12 o’clock. Within the application period, a total of 34 applications were received, with 4 of them being submitted after the specified deadline.

The evaluation of the proposals was conducted by project managers from the Antenna, seminar organizers Jovana Rapajić and Mina Radmilović Pjevac, as well as colleagues from the Creative Europe Desk Serbia – Milica Rašković and project manager Bojan Milosavljević. The primary criteria for selecting seminar participants were the quality of project proposals and potential partnerships. The quality of project proposals was assessed based on their alignment with the themes and priorities of the Creative Europe program, specifically in relation to compliance with the current call: European Cooperation Projects. Additionally, consideration was given to the innovativeness of the project ideas and the professional foundation of the concept.

Following the evaluation of project proposals, the following participants were selected for the seminar:
1.    Aleksandar Lipovan, Terra – Center for Fine and Applied Arts, Kikinda
2.    Radmila Simeunović, Youth Theatre, Novi Sad
3.    Nada Mijatović, Association of Fine Artists of Serbia – ULUS, Belgrade
4.    Mirjana Lukić Marinković, Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Center, Novi Sad
5.    Darija Dragojlović, Multimedia Center “Led art”, Novi Sad
6.    Sunčica Božić, Streetwise Civic Association, Novi Sad
7.    Ivan Maksimović, Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, Belgrade
8.    Aleksandra Mikan, Association of Practitioners of Expressive Art Therapy and Coaching, Belgrade
9.    Marija Šormaz, ULUPUDS, Belgrade
10.    Vladimir Kljajić, Božidarac Cultural Institution, Belgrade
11.    Radica Zurovac, World Music Association of Serbia (WMAS), Jagodina
12.    Ivan Miljković, Youth Office, Belgrade
13.    Marija Mandić, Foundation “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture”, Novi Sad
14.    Olivera Vidović, Sterijino Pozorje, Novi Sad
15.    Adrienn Ujhazi, Citizens’ Association “Reaktor”, Novi Sad
We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone for their participation. In the upcoming period, we have a series of events ahead that will contribute to enhancing the capacities of cultural institutions and organizations in both the public and civil sectors. Antenna will continue to promote modern concepts of international cooperation, contemporary programmatic and business policies in the field of culture, strengthen the capacities of domestic cultural institutions and civil society organizations for international cooperation, encourage interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and interdepartmental collaboration, and collaborate with the public, civil, and private sectors, as well as with individuals, informal groups, and networks.