“Cafe d’Europe” announced

Novi Sad, 26 March – The Office for European Affairs has organized a press conference at Radio Café. Dr. Franz Schausberger, Director of the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE), announced the European cultural project “Cafe d’ Europe”, which will be held at Radio Café, from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 a.m on 5 April, and which has been co-organized by the Office for European Affairs, IRE from Salzburg and Radio 021. Dr. Franz Schausberger explained that the Institute of the Regions of Europe had organized “Café d’Europe” across Europe, especially in Southeast Europe, with the aim to allow citizens to communicate and exchange ideas in direct contact with the representatives of the government and NGOs about issues important for their country. “The future of Serbia and Vojvodina is in the European Union and it is important that citizens, and above all, young people accept and support the idea of the Union”, said Schausberger. Speaking about the activities of the Office for European Affairs, Director Predrag Novikov stressed that Vojvodina had done a lot of work in the process of Serbia’s accession of the EU at a turning point in our country.

“Vojvodina became a member of the Institute of the Regions of Europe two years ago, was offered an opportunity to be at the Committee of the Regions, came closer to Brussels, established cooperation with Austrian, Italian, Swedish regions, and we also have plans to establish cooperation with French, Dutch, Belgian and other European regions”, said Novikov. He added that Vojvodina had realized more than 46 projects with partners from the region. “On the way to the EU, Serbia and Vojvodina have a lot of chances that may or may not be used. One of the options of our country’s faster integration into the EU is cooperation and partnership with regions”, emphasized Novikov.