Creative Europe Forum 2019

Creative Europe Forum 2019 under the slogan “Relations – Power of Cultural Cooperation” was held in Belgrade on 7 and 8 November. The Forum was structured in three blocks: critical thinking and media literacy, participatory management in culture and horizontal knowledge. In addition, a number of panel discussions, presentations, lectures and workshops took place.
The general question the Forum addressed was how projects and organization models in culture could stimulate cooperation, combat hatred, stereotypes and different types of social inequalities.
In that context, the first panel of the Forum, moderated by Jasna Dimitrijević, Director of Kolarac Foundation, addressed the topic “European and regional cooperation: Familiar and new relations”. The participants were Jeremy Lambert, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Nicolas Wieërs, Balkan Trafik Festival, whose 13th edition was held in Brussels in 2019, and Maximilian Foedinger, Support to Participation in EU Programmes project.

The programme of the first day of the Forum involved also the panels “Internationalization and local communities” and “Linking in Europe – familiar and new encounters”, and presentation of the open calls for proposals under the Culture sub-programme of the Creative Europe, with public consultations related to the application process.

At the Kolarac entrance hall, the exhibition of a group of authors called “Modern in Belgrade” was opened. Moreover, there was a presentation of the database of expert editions of Serbia’s cultural scene.

On the same day, but at another spot, at the EU Info Point, the programme was dedicated to “Funding opportunities for cultural projects under other EU funds“. Jovana Rapajić, Project Manager of the Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia, presented all EU funds available to cultural institutions from Serbia, giving examples of successfully implemented projects.

The programme of the second day of the Forum, on 8 November, included workshops which were prepared in advance on the basis of an open call and direct invitation to professionals in culture and led by domestic experts.
The introductory lecture was held by Prof Milena Dragićević Šešić PhD, UNESCO’s Chair in Cultural Policy and Management, University of Art Belgrade (Entering the international scene – opportunities and challenges), Nemanja Stojanović (Neomodern) and Jelena Stanković (Čorbika), Citizens’ Association “Šablon” (How to create your live set?), representatives of  the Citizens’ Association “Centre for Urban Development” (Digital tools in education about heritage), curator Stevan Vuković and artists Šejma Fere and Tijana Savatić (The world of art from a personal perspective), and Aleksandar Šurbatović, Blum’s Publishing (Editor in publishing today).

The programme at the EU Info Point was dedicated to joint management of Europe’s cultural heritage. The participants were Milica Božić Marojević, Centre for Museology and Heritology of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Jermina Stanojev, expert group for cultural heritage of the European Commission, Paul Dujardin, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium, and Iva Čukić, Institute for Urban Policies in Belgrade, who talked about the development of audience. The moderator was Ana Pejović.