Working visit to Žabalj Municipality

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Milan Čežek, Jelena Tošković and Sanja Čuturil Veselinović have visited Žabalj Municipality, so as to provide support to the local self-government, and met with Milorad Trgić, Coordinator and Gospava Kolbas, Head of the Municipal Development Group.

The first idea of Žabalj representatives was to help the “Better Streets for Better Future” programme, however, the Fund’s representatives suggested conceiving a better municipal development plan, and concluded jointly with the hosts that it was the opening of the industrial zone. For it is a project requiring the regulation of the legislation, it was proposed that projects in the field of tourism on the rivers of Tisza and Jegrička should be submitted first to apply for EU funds.