Working visit to the municipalites of Čoka and Kanjiža

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Milan Čežek and Kristina Bašić, together with representatives of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Jaroslava Ferko and Tijana Mirković have visited the municipalities of Čoka and Kanjiža today. In Čoka Municipality, they had a meeting with Stana Djemberi, president of the municipality, and Éva övényházi, head of Department for Economy, Development, Agriculture, Urbanism and Communal Services, and their associates. In Kanjiža Municipality, the meeting was held with Kristina Molnar, director of the Interregional Centre for Development of Potisje Area, and her associates.

During the meetings, a more comprehensive direct cooperation between the representatives of the local self-government and the Fund was agreed regarding EU funding opportunities by providing assistance in the selection and development of EU projects, as well as future training courses in Čoka Municipality by the Fund’s employees aimed at all those interested from the municipality. Moreover, the municipal representatives of Čokal presented their problems – the issue of regional landfill and modernization of the local market in Čoka, which could be solved by implementing EU projects, in which the Fund would help them. The representatives of Kanjiža Municipality have been quite active with respect to using the EU funding opportunities. The most important projects in implementation are in the area of water supply and water-infrastructure development in the cross-border catchment areas – WASIDCA project, as well as in the areas of ecotourism, tourism and environmental protection – the OASIS and TISATUR projects.

During the meetings, the discussion also touched upon the prospect for cooperation between the representatives of the local self-government and the Vojvodina Development Agency through the use of subsidies, as well as through the drafting of development of documents that directly concerning the public local self-government.