Office for European Affairs’ statement

Novi Sad/Koprivnica, 26 May – The fourth meeting of the NAT-REG project working group was held in Koprivnica, Croatia last week. This project will be financed by the South-East Europe (SEE) Initiative fund opened on 5 May this year. The Province delegation was headed by Igor Bajić, Officer for European Integration Processes of the Office for European Affairs, which is also the leading partner representing the Executive Council of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in the projects which are a continuation of the successful “Matriosca”. The NAT-REG project aims to transfer the experiences of European countries with the organization, maintenance and mapping of national parks, special nature reserves and other ecological areas, and a lot of localities for the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina were suggested. Since the special nature reserve “Deliblatska peš?ara” has been selected, the partner of the Office in this project is the Public Company “Vojvodinašume”. “Bearing in mind Vojvodina’s abundant natural resources, we have decided to place emphasis on the use of tourist and other potentials in these localities, in compliance with the policy of sustainable development and environmental protection”, said Igor Bajić at the meeting.