Seminar “Opportunities and prospects of sports organizations of Vojvodina in EU projects”

An expert seminar for representatives of provincial branch associations and sports institutions of Vojvodina has been held, organized jointly by the Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth, Sports Association of Vojvodina and European Affairs Fund. The Provincial Secretary for Sport and Youth, Modest Dulić and director of European Affairs Fund, Predrag Novikov talked about the importance of that type of training. “Apart from the funds that we provide each year to branch associations for their regular work, while realizing the fact that human resources are the most important, each year we carry out different activities which aim at training and administration capacity building of employees and secretaries in sports associations, so that they could prepare for the times to come. In this respect, the today’s seminar has been organized with the aim of preparing them for project writing to apply for EU and European funds, so that alternative and additional sources of financing of all those activities related to the upgrading, i.e. enhancement of sport in Vojvodina could be used. The seminar is being attended by representatives of branch associations. When they finish the training, they will be practically the persons who will further train their members, i.e. sports organizations and clubs”, said Modest Dulić.


“A bit more than a month ago, the European Affairs Fund, together with the Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth, organized a similar event, at which more than 100 sports organizations of Vojvodina were present. Such interest is very important. It is good that people in Vojvodina look into the future because new EU calls for proposals will be open in June”, said Predrag Novikov. “Therefore, the representatives of the first ten associations present at the seminar today will be working on projects and preparing solutions, by means of which they wish to apply for European funds until the end of the year”. Novikov added that sports organizations and associations had full support of the provincial administration, which was ready to assist in the realization of projects. “They will be able to present their project ideas at today’s seminar and the experts of the European Affairs Fund will help them identify key challenges for them how to implement projects. Because, in fact, it is not easy to realize European projects. The preparation period takes several months, all documents are in English. In our estimate, the training per project lasts on average from six to nine months per project.