To European funds by means of the standard

To European funds by means of the standard

Source of funding Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
Project partners
  1. European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Serbia
  2. Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government, Serbia
Area of intervention Institutional capacity building
Project start 01. Mar 2003 – 31. Mar 2003
Project description Overall objective:

to improve the absorption capacities for the use of EU funds within the 2014-2020 financial framework and service standards aimed at strategic management of the units of local self-governments (ULS) in AP Vojvodina.

Specific objectives:

(1)    to provide relevant guidelines and support for the improvement in  the ULS services offered to citizens and economy, as well as support for the challenges in the decentralization process;

(2)    to invest into the improvement (or establishment) of the institutional framework necessary for achieving a satisfactory level of coordination and efficacy of public policies;

(3)    to build the ULS capacities for the absorption of EU funds.

Expected results:

(1)    Strategies for local sustainable development for the period 2014-2020 in ULS in AP Vojvodina adopted;

(2)    Help desks in ULS in AP Vojvodina established;

(3)    Communication between citizens and local self-governments regarding public utility services enhanced;

(4)    Offices for Local Economic Development (LED) in ULS in AP Vojvodina established.

Main activities:

(1)    Analysis of the current situation per ULS;

(2)    Launch of calls of proposals and allocation of projects for development;

(3)    Development of operational and sectoral local papers pursuant to the EU directives;

(4)    Appointment and allocation of funds for the establishment of help desks in ULS;

(5)    Analysis of the situation regarding the communication between the citizens and  local self-government;

(6)    Allocation of funds and launch of calls for proposal;

(7)    Analysis of ULS capacities, visit to municipalities and human resource development;

(8)    ULS control of the establishment of LED office.

Target groups: Employees of the municipalities in AP Vojvodina, ULS in AP Vojvodina, providers of public utility services in ULS.

Further information Further information:  Vojvodjanski standard.pdf
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