Upon the invitation from Titel municipality, representatives from European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina Mina Radmilović and Dražen Lovrić talked to present audience about their priorities and needs, as well as about the prospects for accomplishment of these priorities through EU funds.

Milivoj Petrović president of Titel Municipality was the first one to address the audience and he presented current projects of the city and emphasized the necessity for continual education of human resources with the aim of proper use of available means. Dražen Lovrić from European Affairs Fund -AP Vojvodina was the second one to address the audience and he presented four priorities of European Danube Strategy. Fund representative Mina Radmilović presented previous experience of the Republic of Serbia in Cross-border Programmes, challenges that existed in the course of project implementation, examples of good practice as well as the Calls that are expected in 2012. The cooperation was agreed with the representatives of primary and secondary schools, directors of public utility companies and infirmaries in the field of planned trainings, whilst the representatives of local self-government were introduced with prospects that Vojvodina House in Brussels has to offer.