A one-day training course in EU funds held at National Park Fruska Gora

Representatives of the European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina have held a one-day training course in the use of EU funds at National Park Fruska Gora. Dobrivoje Antonić, director of National Park Fruska Gora addressed the audience and presented the strategic priorities of National Park Fruska Gora, particularly underlying the importance of Master Plan for Sustainable Development of National Park Fruska Gora. He also expressed his wish to realize new European projects in partnership with the European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina. Predrag Novikov, director of European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina also addressed the audience and explained the significance of active participation in EU programmes that are open to potential candidate countries, and especially to candidate countries for EU accession.

The Fund’s representatives: Mina Radmilović, Sanja Čuturilov Veselinović and Andrija Aleksić, held a presentation on EU funds and Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) focusing on current CBC programmes, furthermore, the audience could obtain instructions for filling in project proposal application forms and go through the project problem approach, paying special attention to objective tree and problem tree. The two most significant project parts: logical framework (basic principles, objectives, assumptions, results and risks) and budget (basic rules of budget creation) were closely examined.