The first regular project meeting was held within the “HEAL” project

Within the project "Healthy aging in the cross-border area - HEAL", on August 18, 2023, the 1st regular meeting of project team members was held. The meeting was attended by members of the project team, i.e. representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia - Red Cross of Vojvodina (leading partner on the project), representatives of the Red Cross of Inđija, the Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as representatives of the "European Affairs" Fund of AP Vojvodina (partners on the project). .
The area of ​​the HEAL project is Social and Economic Inclusion, while the general goal of the project is to contribute to improving the general health of older citizens by increasing the availability of basic health-preventive services in rural areas in the cross-border region between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The specific goal of the project is to improve the existing health-preventive service for senior citizens by improving efficiency and comprehensiveness according to current needs in Srem district and 5 cantons in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tuzlan Canton, Posavina Canton, Central Bosnia Canton, Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton). .
The total value of the project is 254,447.77 euros, of which the value of the donation is 216,280.60 euros.
During the meeting, a brief overview of the first period was made, where the project partners had the opportunity to present their reports. Activities in the upcoming period as well as the public procurement plan for the next period were discussed at the meeting. Various challenges faced by the project partners were also discussed, but it was concluded that there are currently no problems in the implementation of the project itself.