Million euros for Vojvodina

Regional cooperation brings good. Partnership with the EU has results, it is not only tapping on the shoulder. This time, institutions in Vojvodina will receive over a million euros within the Neighbourhood Programme with Romania.

After the first call for proposals of the CBC Programme with Romania (covering the districts of North Banat, Central Banat and South Banat in Vojvodina and the districts of Bor and Brani?evo in Serbia) has closed, a total of 36 submitted projects have been administratively accepted. 15 out of that number will be financed, of the total value of €1,998,301.

Thus, a support of over €50,000 for talented children will arrive to South Banat and the region of Timisoara.

Expo-Agro Banat and the city of Zrenjanin will receive over €99,000 for organizing a fair where farmers from Serbia and Romania will meet and present themselves.

Čoka Municipality will receive funds for the project “From Football to Food Ball” on cultural cooperation with the Romanian municipality of Deta through workshops on sports and gastronomy.

The project “Banat Food” of the Centre for Rural Development in Novi Kneževac, worth almost €300,000, will allow food producers in the border area to receive education in introducing quality standards.

Vršac Municipality will receive almost €120,000 for the project on environmental improvement, additional €390,000 for a feasibility study and design of a project idea for the road Vršac via Markovac to the Romanian border, and almost €80,000 for the Centre for Economic Development and Integration.

Sečanj Municipality has created a project on the development of a regional environmental plan, for which it will receive €110,000.