The total budget of the program is 379 million euros
Duration of the program:
1. January 2021 – December 31, 2027.
Program website:

The program supports public administrations across Europe to reduce differences in levels of development, growth and quality of life. The focus of the program is on the recognition of good practices and the exchange of experiences in order to improve regional development policies. Program activities are implemented through public calls for projects and a program platform for policy improvement.

The program supports the exchange of experience within the following objectives of the EU Cohesion Policy: Smarter Europe, Greener Europe, Better Connected Europe, More Social Europe, Europe Closer to Citizens and Better Governance at Regional Level.

Based on the program strategy defined in the Cooperation Programme, the Interreg Europe program is structured around one overarching "priority" in the form of a specific objective, namely: "better management of cooperation". With a program structured around one overarching priority, beneficiaries can potentially collaborate on all topics of common interest according to their regional needs, as long as it falls within the scope of cohesion policy.

From a thematic perspective, this scope covers the areas defined by the policy and specific objectives presented in Article 5 of the Common Provisions Regulation (EU) 2021/1060 and Article 3 of the ERDF Regulation (EU) 2021/1058.

  • 27 member countries + Norway and Switzerland
  • In the process of inclusion - 7 candidate countries, including Serbia

Users of the program can be public administration bodies as well as organizations relevant to regional development policies (development agencies, chambers of commerce, universities, non-governmental organizations, etc.).

The Monitoring Committee is the central body for making decisions about the program and its general task is to ensure the quality and efficiency of program implementation. Project applications are approved by the supervisory board.

Each country included in the program (27 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland) is represented in the committee and decisions are made by consensus.

The managing body is formally responsible for managing the program on behalf of the participating partner countries. This body signs subsidy contracts on behalf of the program with selected projects. The governing body for Interreg Europe is the Council of the Region de France (France).

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