74,906,248.00 euros
Duration of the program:
January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2020
Additional information:

Overall objective: The objective of the programme is to promote employment and services to strengthen inclusive growth, environmental protection and risk management, sustainable mobility and accessibility, and to increase the attractiveness of sustainable tourism.


Priority axis

Specific objective(s)


Employment promotion and basic services strengthening for an inclusive growth

1.1. Employment and labour mobility: To enhance the potential of the programme area for an inclusive growth, improving across border access to the labour market and employment opportunities in the programme eligible area.

1.2. Health and social infrastructure: To enhance the potential of the programme area for an inclusive growth, based on the improvement of quality of life to all residents on the two sides of the border through joint cross border actions for the access to modern and efficient health care services, social services, services supporting access to primary education.

1.3. Social and cultural inclusion: To enhance the potential of the programme area for an inclusive growth, increasing cultural and social integration in the cross-border area and reducing the impact of constraints due to remoteness and marginalisation of border areas.


Environmental protection and risk management

2.1. Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources: Enhancing protection and sustainable use of natural resources, with the improvement of capacities of competent bodies and promotion of cross border networks for education and studies on environmental resources.

2.2. Environmental risks management and emergency preparedness: Enhancing preparedness and awareness to face environmental risks and emergencies, enabling cross-border interoperability and joint actions for innovative systems of environmental protection, mitigation and prevention of environmental accidents and disasters and emergency reaction.


Sustainable mobility and accessibility

3.1. Mobility and transport infrastructure and services: Promote the achievement of improved quality standard in public transport and mobility services in the eligible area across the border and the integration in the main EU transport corridors, complying to EU Environmental legislation and sustainability principles, especially in remote and disadvantaged areas.

3.2. Public utilities infrastructure: Promote the achievement of improved and homogenous quality standard in public infrastructures for basic services, especially in remote areas through improved and enlarged access to modern and efficient public utilities services (incl. Internet, energy).


Attractiveness for sustainable tourism

4.1. Investments for the growth of the demand of local tourism networks and promotion of innovative tourism activities: Developing the local tourism economy across the border, based on a sustainable use of the local natural and cultural heritage, the promotion of national and international tourism demand, the creation of innovative and integrated cultural and leisure tourism attractions, the improvement of attractiveness of cross border networks and tourism trails.

4.2. Capacity building initiatives for the improvement of quality and innovation of tourism services and products: Developing the local tourism economy based on the improvement of quality of tourism services, a sustainable use of the natural and cultural heritage, the creation of capacities and skills for high quality tourism services, the design of innovative products in cross border networks and partnerships, the improvement of Accessibility and sustainability of tourist infrastructures.


  • North Banat District
  • Middle Banat District
  • South Banat District
  • Braničevo district
  • Bor District
  • Podunavlje District
  • Mehedinti County
  • Karas-Severin County
  • Timis County

  • Regional and local public authorities (County Councils, Local Councils/ Municipalities, etc.) and other public bodies;
  • Offices – branches of National/Regional Public Authorities active on the themes of the priority in the eligible area (registered and functioning in the eligible area);
  • Health care institutions;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Non – profit bodies and NGOs;
  • Religious organizations, legally established according to the national legislation in force;
  • Chambers of Commerce;
  • Museums, cultural, sports, touristic institutions, etc.

Managing Authority
Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration

No. 16 Libertăţii Boulevard, North Side, Sector 5, Bucharest

Joint Secretariat
Regional Office for Cross-border Cooperation Timisoara
Proclamatia de la Timisoara Street, no 5, 1st floor, 300054, Timisoara

Contact information can be found at the following link:

National Authority
Ministry of European Integration

Nemanjina 34, 11000 Belgrade

JS Antenna
Makedonska 11 street, 23000 Zrenjanin

Contact information can be found at the following link:


ИПА програм прекограничне сарадње Србија – Бивша Југословенска Република Македонија усвојен 06.12.2016, C(2016)8258

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