65.124.000,00 euros
Duration of the program:
01. January 2014 – December 31, 2020
Additional information:

Long-term objectives: The long-term and overall aim of the Programme is the harmonized development of the region with intensified economic cooperation through sustainable use of natural and cultural resources.

Specific Objectives:

In order to achieve this overall aim the following five specific objectives were defined:

  • Decreasing environmental risks (e.g. drought, flood, hail) and preventing negative effects on quality of water bodies and nature protected areas;
  • Increasing the capacities of border crossing and the connected transport lines through promoting development of road transport and use of sustainable transport modes (public transport, bicycle, water transport);
  • Creation of commonly coordinated cross-border tourism destinations based on the complementary local assets in order to ensure sustainable development of tourism potentials;
  • Promoting co-operation activities in the field of culture, leisure, sport, and nature protection;
  • Enforcing the growth capabilities and employment potential of SMEs through the development and adaptation of new technologies, processes, products or services (not open within the Strategic Call for Proposals).


Priority axis

Specific objective(s)


Improving the cross-border water management and risk prevention systems

1.1. Water management and protection against extreme weather conditions

1.2. Nature protection and conservation of water based habitats


Decreasing the bottlenecks of cross-border traffic

2.1. Border crossing points, roads and bicycle roads

2.2. Improving public transport services and railway lines


Encouraging tourism and cultural heritage cooperation

3.1.  Tourist products, services and attractions based on cultural and natural heritage

3.2. Cooperation in the fields of cultural, community events, sport, leisure, nature protection


Enhancing SMEs’ economic competitiveness through innovation-driven development

4.1. Enhancing innovation through cooperation between SMEs and research institutions involving young people

4.2. Encouraging and development of social entrepreneurship

  • West Bačka district
  • North Bačka district
  • North Banat district
  • South Bačka district
  • Middle Banat district
  • South Banat district
  • Srem district
  • Csongrád County
  • Bács-Kiskun County

  • Water management organisations and associations;
  • Local and county / regional level governments;
  • Weather forecast institutions, hydro-meteorological organisations;
  • Agricultural organisations;
  • Nature protection organisations (state owned and civil society organisations);
  • National, county and regional level bodies and their organisations having responsibilities related to the development of cross-border transport;
  • Railway companies;
  • Public road management and development companies;
  • Border control and customs administrations;
  • Organisations which are maintaining the transport stations and operating public transport: public transport companies;
  • Regional tourism organisations;
  • Local tourism destination management associations;
  • Public entities responsible for the preservation and utilization of cultural or natural values (e.g. national parks, forestry, etc.);
  • NGOs (e.g. civil society organisations dealing with sport, culture, and youth affairs);
  • Economic clusters, business and innovation support organizations;
  • Research and higher education institutions, vocational and adult training organisations;
  • Professional organisations operating in agriculture and food processing;
  • Development agencies etc.

Managing Authority (MA)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department for Cross-border Cooperation Programmes
Address: 1027 Budapest, Medve u. 25-29, „B” F30/2

Contact information can be found at the following link:

Joint Secretariat (JS)
Joint Secretariat is set up in Széchenyi Progamme Office Non-profit LLC  (Széchenyi Programiroda Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.) in Budapest and in Szeged, Hungary.
H-1053 Budapest, Szép u. 2
H-6722, Szeged, 34 Szentháromság Str. (2nd floor)

Contact information can be found at the following link:

Serbian National Authority
Ministry of European Integration, the Government of the Republic of Serbia

JS Antenna - Subotica
JS Antenna is based in Subotica, Serbia
Matije Korvina 17 (HKPC Galleria, 1st floor) 24000 Subotica, Serbia

Contact information can be found at the following link:

EU invitations

INTERREG IPA cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Serbia

31. July 2023 - deadline for submitting project proposals


30. September 2019 - deadline for submitting project proposals


24. June 2011 - deadline for submitting project proposals