IPA III Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina

IPA: 14,000,000.00 euros
Total (IPA + co-financing): 16,223,529.41 euros
Duration of the program:
01. January 2021 – December 31, 2027


Additional information:

The cross-border cooperation program between the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will be implemented within the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance 2021-2027 (IPA III) in with the aim of promoting good neighborly relations, encouraging Union integration and promoting socio-economic development through joint local and regional initiatives.

This program is the result of a comprehensive analytical and consultative process that was carried out between August 2020 and July 2021 in the program area and at the central level in both participating countries. Activities included a detailed stakeholder survey as well as a public consultation that was conducted on April 19, 2021. The programming process was hampered by the epidemiological situation of COVID-19, which forced stakeholders to meet and discuss virtually. Despite this limitation, the entities involved tried to review the reality of the situations in the program area in the best possible way. This achieved that thematic priorities were selected and specific goals were defined that correspond to real needs.

The long-term and overall goal of the Program is the harmonious development of the region with intensified economic cooperation through the sustainable use of natural and cultural resources.

Promote good-neighborly relations, encourage the integration of trade unions and improve the socio-economic development of the program cross-border area through the social and economic inclusion of certain groups, especially young people, and the competitiveness of tourism.

  • Improve youth activism and youth socio-economic participation
  • Increase the employability of certain groups by providing new skills
  • Sustainable tourism (including cultural and natural heritage) that contributes to the economic development of the cross-border region

The program focuses on the following priorities and program goals:

Priority 1: Investing in youth, education and skills (TP 6)

Goal 1.1: Improve youth activism and youth socio-economic participation

Objective 1.2: Increase the employability of certain groups by providing new skills

Priority 2: Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage (TP5)

Objective 2.1: Sustainable tourism (including cultural and natural heritage) contributing to the economic development of the cross-border region.

Description of the program management structure with a list of their main responsibilities and tasks in the program, preparation, implementation and management (ie NIPAC, NAO, management structure, cross-border cooperation structures, IPA management

Authority, Intermediary Body for Financial Management, Audit Body, Joint Monitoring Committee, Joint Technical Secretariat) is presented within the Financial Framework Partnership Agreement and/or Financial Agreements.

In addition to these Agreements, the Users will conclude, for the duration of the cross-border cooperation, a bilateral arrangement that determines their respective responsibilities for the implementation of the relevant cross-border

of the cooperation program in accordance with the provisions established in the Financial Framework Partnership Agreement.

The territory covered by the Program includes the following regions:


In Serbia:

Srem district,

Machvan district,

Kolubar district i

Zlatibor district


In Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Gradačac, Vlasenica, Šekovići, Doboj Istok, Kladanj, Gračanica, Pelagićevo, Srebrenik, Han Pijesak, Celić, Milići, Lopare, Srebrenica, Ugljevik, Višegrad, Bijeljina, Rogatica, Teocak, Sokolac, Sapna, Pale, Kalesija, Pale (FBiH) . Brod, Olovo, Center Sarajevo, Osmaci, Trnovo, Trnovo RS, Hadžići, Istocna Ilidža, Ilidža, Istocno Novo Sarajevo, Novi Grad Sarajevo, Vogošća, Stari Grad Sarajevo, Istocni Stari Grad, Ilijaš, Vareš, Breza, Visoko, Kiseljak, Fojnica , Kreševo, Novo Sarajevo and Brčko district of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Users are legal entities, local authorities, public bodies and public sector operators, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, etc.

Potential users can be:

  • Local and regional authorities
  • Local and regional organizations dealing with youth activism
  • Organizations and institutions for education and training
  • Research organizations and institutions
  • CSOs active in the field of youth activism and promotion of social inclusion of vulnerable groups
  • Youth associations and youth in general
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Local population
  • Employment services
  • Organizations for regional development
  • Organizations and institutions for education and training
  • Organizations and institutions for education and training
  • Research organizations and institutions
  • CSOs active in the field of cultural or natural heritage, education, rural development and other related fields.
  • Organizations and institutions working in the field of rural development

In Serbia:

  • Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia (MEI) (Management Administration)
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU-funded Programs - CFCU (Intermediate Body for Financial Management)

In Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joint Technical Secretariat

Email: office@srb-bih.org
Phone: 00 381 (0) 31 512 394
Majority 52
31 000 Uzice

Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat

Živko Kolašinac

Phone: 00 381 (0) 31 512 394

Email: zivko.kolasinac@mei.gov.rs

Project Officer

Vladimir Petrović
Phone: 00 381 (0) 31 31 00 263

Email: vladimir.petrovic@mei.gov.rs

Project officer and communications specialist

Irena Marković
Phone: 00 381 (0) 31 512 394

Email: irena.markovic@mei.gov.rs

Antenna Tuzla

Email: danijela.konjic@srb-bih.org
Telephone: 00 387 (0) 35 257 365
Turalibegova bb, TC Pasaž
75000 Tuzla

Contact information can be found at the following link:


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